rose16“Rose Gardens Aparthotel” is situated just 50 metres away from the sea shore and 500 metres away from the centre of the town of Pomorie. Pomorie is a small town on the Black Sea coast. Its name comes from the ancient name of “Anhialo”. It was founded in the fourth century b.c. around a local salt lake by the ancient Thracians. They thought of the lake as a sacred place because of its healing properties.

Because of that, the town is famous for its therapeutic mud from the salt lake. It also charms its guests with the aromatic wines, that are produced in the region, and the relaxed and romantic atmosphere. In recent years the town of Pomorie has become a center for perennial health, spa and wellness tourism.

The climate here is extremely favorable:

  • Constant sunshine; up to 2360 hours per year
  • Average temperature of water and air in July is 23,6
  • Morning air is rich with ozone and negative ions, ultraviolet rays and iodine that has been released as gas from seaweeds
  • Coastline long about 5 kilometers and with average width of 30 meters
  • Dark sand that better absorbs the sun’s rays, which acts favorably for getting a tan
  • Fairly even sea bottom, making the sea perfect for a dip
  • The slow cooling of the water serves for a warm and longer autumn
  • Mild winter with minimal snowfall
  • These climate factors allow for the town to be used as a tourist destination from early spring to late autumn for both sun and sea treatment


Limannata-kalThe Liman curative mud the town is famous of has been used for healing through the ages, from ancient times to modern. The mud is rich with hydrogen, magnesium, chlorine, calcium, sodium and sulfates. The curative properties of of the mineral waters on the territory of Pomorie municipality have been famous in antiquity as well. Most of them spring from deep within the earth, which ensures their purity. Pomorie is also very close to two other ancient towns, centres for culture. Those towns are Nesebar and Sozopol, which offer their guests the opportunity to touch antiquity, as well as discover all the attractions these tourism centres have to offer. People who love living dynamically modernly will find their “rhythm” in the most visited resort on the Black Sea – Sunny Beach.


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